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The Ayutthaya Collection was the first collection launched by Nicolson Russell in 2007 after Emma Russell spent a month in Thailand learning the skills of cutlery manufacturing. Every piece of cutlery was made by hand.

‘ The Ayutthaya Collection was an unique treasure. This Collection is the pride of the people of Aranyik, an ancient village set amongst historical ruins and nestled deeply within the tropical jungles of the Ayutthaya province of Thailand.

Ayutthaya was once a Thai Kingdom, existing more than 700 years ago, which, over time, expanded to become the renowned nation of Siam. Aranyik village emerged as a place where local blacksmiths, specialising in battle swords, worked.

Aranyik has diversified its products in modern times to include high-quality tableware, which it also reflects its legend and heritage Created by the hands of local craftsmen, using skills and techniques refined over the ages, each piece of the Collection is meticulously forged from their hearts and captures the essence of Thai.

The high-polished stainless steel flatware and hollowware products of the Ayutthaya Collection were handmade from solid, finer-quality 18/10 stainless steel.

The cutlery is always noticed for its unique beauty and character, having been made from solid stainless steel, is commented upon for its weight, often becoming a point of discussion at the dinner table. The designs are modern whereas the texture is classic. The products are attractive and timeless and made to last a lifetime.

Nicolson Russell was proud to bring into your life and homes this Collection of fine cutlery and table accessories made by people who espouse the values of respect, love and dedication.